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Domestic Cleaning


Domestic Cleaning

In a world where everyone is busy with work and too busy to keep on top of things, we often fail to do even the simplest task: keeping our homes clean. Domestic cleaning is one of those trivial things we sacrifice due to time constraints. Furthermore, it’s not always on top of our priorities. So, whether you’re too busy with work or that your house is just too taxing to keep clean, Stephens Cleaning Services is the choice for you.

Health isn’t just about the food you eat and the daily exercise you commit yourself too. It also involves the environment that we live in.

Breathing quality air helps keep our overall health in check. And living in an unclean environment is a hazard to your health. From dust to mould, every unclean area we have in our house compromises our health. And though it’s hard to believe, an unclean environment injurious to your health.

Facts You Need to Know About The Cleanliness of Your House

  • Did you know that 70% of the dust you’re cleaning out are your dead skin cells? Your skin sheds every day, and it takes about two weeks for your entire skin to shed fully. Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and all that skin (not to mention dandruff off your scalp) is the biggest reason why you have so much dust to vacuum.
  • Mold, mildew, dead roaches, and dust mites all contribute to lowering the quality of the air inside your house. Failure to clean out major areas in your home will result in molds and for dead insects to decompose inside your house. Though we can hardly see them, it can cause allergies, skin and nasal irritation, and even colds.
  • Your sink needs to be disinfected daily because it is actually dirtier and has more germs and gunk than our toilet bowl.

Domestic cleaning may sound like a simple job, but it’s actually a task that involves a lot of grunt work to make sure that we create an environment where we can healthily reside. And that’s where we specialize in. We clean houses periodically to ensure that you get your well deserved clean, breathable air inside your house and sleep in the comfort of a clean home. Call us for more info, and we can help you plan a domestic cleaning schedule for your beautiful home.

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