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Bond Cleaning


Bond Cleaning

Many tenants lose their bond at the end of the lease due to improper cleaning techniques. However, don’t let that discourage you since experts are a mere call away. Our office offers an expertise in bond cleaning services. We guarantee that most fastidious real estate agents (or homeowners) will have nothing to criticize regarding the cleaning and sanitation of your home.

What is Bond Cleaning?

As required by law, before your lease ends, you need to have the property properly and thoroughly cleaned. It is also called, exit cleaning or end of lease cleaning. To get your bond back, you need to have the property cleaned and not every tenant is aware of this (especially those who are renting out for the first time). In addition to this, not all tenants provide the level of detail required to pass an exit inspection by the agent / owner.

Before moving out, you need to surrender a perfectly cleaned out property back to the homeowner or the real estate agency as close to (if not perfectly in the same) condition as you initially moved in. Prior to moving in, real estate agents will inspect and have a report of the full condition of the property down the single hook on the wall. And as a tenant, you’re required by law to maintain the conditions of the leased property.


Bond Cleaning Penalty

Failure to clean and restore the property means that your bond will incur deductions depending on the amount of damage or lack of cleanliness of your home. Also, if there are any damages on the property, you’re required to pay for any repairs needed.


How does Bond Cleaning Work?

Bond cleaning is always set by appointment, and regardless of the amount of time given, sometimes DIY home cleaning is just not enough. This is especially true if you’re not sure how they define ‘clean’ in terms of inspection. Usually, bond cleaning requires the following:

  • Clean Lights
  • Clean Fans & Air Conditioning units including filters
  • Cornices
  • Skirting boards & tile edges
  • Spot Clean marks on walls
  • Clean power points & light switches
  • Sanitise and clean bathrooms, toilets, and showers
  • Polish mirrors
  • Clean and sanitise vanity units
  • Vacuum all drawers in unit ( bathroom. kitchen and wardrobes)
  • Wipe out all cupboards
  • Clean kitchen drawers and shelving
  • Clean Oven & rangehood and filters and cooktop
  • Clean dishwasher & filters.
  • Wipe over front and inside of all drawers
  • Clean window tracks and glass that are accessible ( internal & external)
  • Vacuum all floors and mop hard surfaces
  • Clean balconies if they exist
  • Clean wardrobes and mirror doors and tracks
  • Clean all doors and architraves
  • Clean laundry tub and under.

Additional Services

Carpet Cleaning Services are available with qualified and experienced carpet cleaners using both Encap and Steam Cleaning methods. Receipt also provided for the Carpet Clean for submission to Agent/Owner

Pest Sprays can also be organised using licensed operators for an End of Lease Spray. More comprehensive Pest solutions are also available from the operators. Pest Cetificates are supplied for onforwarding to the Agent/Owner.

Exclusions :

  • Garbage Bin and Recycle Bin (By arrangement)
  • Venetian blinds subject to review based on extent of dust and dirt
  • External decks
  • external walls,stairs, gutters, facias and downpipes
  • Driveway and pathway (By arrangement)
  • Wasp nests external
  • Slimline Aluminium Venetian Blinds

We understand that moving out costs a lot of money.As a top-rated cleaning service provider in the Gold Coast, we will not overburden you with extra costs in our bond cleaning services. We charge you fairly depending on the size of the property, extent of cleaning required and the condition in which you have left the property.

Give us a call today and schedule an exit cleaning and keep as much of your bond as possible.

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