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Pressure Cleaning


Pressure cleaning

, also known as pressure washing, involves the use of a high-pressure water spray in order to eliminate dust, grime, loose paint, mud, mold, dirt, chewing gum and more from concrete surfaces, buildings, and vehicles.

Our company offers pressure cleaning services for both commercial and domestic clients. We recommend pressure cleaning for most outdoor areas once renovation is over, vehicles such as cars which have stayed in the open for a long time or old boats. We also recommend pressure washing to concrete buildings affected by graffiti or loose paint.

Pressure cleaning is ideal for both residential customers and businesses. It is used to clean a variety of surfaces, such as roofs, decks, gutters, driveways, patios, sidewalks, parking lots, and cladding. Pressure makes cleaning more efficient, allowing you to get cleaner results in less time.

When do you need pressure cleaning?

Pressure cleaning is often advised when cleaning hard to reach places. These places include cracks between the concrete, grills, creases, and other designs where dust, mildew, molds, and other gunk. These can go and form a mass of nastiness. Pressure cleaning is best done on external portions of the house or a building.

How often should you have pressure cleaning?

This often depends on which areas need cleaning. However, pressure cleaning removes tough dirt and mulch that accumulates over time. And for that reason, you may need to have your surroundings pressure cleaned at least once a year. However, we do recommend the following:

  • Vinyl surfaces and sidings: every two years
  • Concrete walls and driveway: once a year
  • Wooden decks, threshold, pathways, and more: once a year
  • Stone or brick walkways and walls: every three years

However, it also depends on various climate zones. Warmer and high humidity climate zones often causes moss, mildew, and more moss to form, which may require you to get pressure cleaning services every after nine months.

Our team of experts in pressure washing can quickly travel to your location and deal with those very hard to clean surfaces. However, it is essential to establish an appointment first by using our phone number or the dedicated Contact form available on the website. Once the appointment is set, it will be very little left unless you will be able to rejoice from extremely clean surfaces once again.

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